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The Great "Digital Gold" Rat Trap!

One of the greatest hacks of all time

Dedicated to: @Jack & "Uncle Warren", to whom we DILIGENTLY need to give their DUE.

January 21, '21 21:21 $21

It's not a line in the sand to tease btc/core/bitCORN "experts";

it's a tripwire.

The dominoes will now be falling, so it's decision-time for the core pushers of "digital gold"

It's VERY hard to convince trusting Wall Streeters (Jim Cramer, Paul Tudor Jones, Ray Dalio) and technologically-weak SillyCON Valleyers (Jack Dorsey, Saylor, Andreesen) that btc bitCORN is "digital gold" when there's an anonymous person running around who can double-spend "on-command". How the heck do you, with a straight face, say "btc is secure, a virtual Fort Knox" if someone is spending a gold coin from inside Fort Knox while leaving behind a cute message inside the inner-sanctum Oceans-11 style?

"Come, put your trust in Fort Knox gold, ignore this burglar who just easily slipped past the walls and the guards, HODL with us technological geniuses". Yeah, that'a bit tough-- a tall task nowadays.  So if you're a Wall Streeter, or Jim Cramer, or Marc Andreesen, you SHOULD be looking at this double-spend occurance harder than anything you've investigated in cryptocurrency.  You should be asking Blockstream the hard questions.  If you're not; well, you're lax in "doing your homework" as Cramer likes to say, or "DD" (due dilgence) as the SeekingAlpha nerds rant.

What happened on Jan 21'21$21 was no ordinary double-spend, it was pre-meditated, planned, placed with PRECISION to draw attention. Why? Wall Street never understood cryptocurrencies in the first place, and furthermore they don't even understand what the definition of money is; they've been operating on pure "feel" and trust since about 2016 when they began taking a flyer on techno-wizards next big creation.

This wasn't the first time for this tho, it's what the dotcom bubble was. Retail got in first, in 1998 and 1999. But then the big institutionals got involved, like Druckenmiller & Soros in late 1999-- they created the top of the bubble. It's no different now, only this time the dotcom startups aren't pushing their wares innocently. btc is flawed, and has been since even before SEGWIT. But now, after Jan 21, '21, they KNOW btc is flawed. Has anyone from "core" addressed the actual hack, in public? Have they said the attack vector has been cleared?

If btc knows how to fix the problem, they sure haven't said much about it. Mostly, we're just seeing imbecilic threats like this:


Don't people get thrown off Twatter for inciting crime?  Thought that was a thing now?

If you think the Jan 21'21$21 message was about this...

...then you're missing the point.  The double-spend-in-plain-sight is about this:

As of Jan 21, 2021 btc core "CORN" devevelper higher-ups get to choose JAIL or "I was just visiting"

In Monopoly you don't really get the option to choose prison or "Just Visiting" but core devs who earn a paycheck promoting "digital gold" now DO get to choose. Choose quickly tho, because $800 BILLION in HODLers of securities rarely think "ignorance" is a great excuse when they consult their ambulance-chaser lawyers to figure out why it wasn't their OWN fault for falling for a ponzi scheme.  Suing for financial negligence is a big business now-- back in 1987 when I picked my first stock it was non-existent.  Cryptocurrency mavens are young, it's true, but the law just doesn't care much about age or ignorance anymore.

Don't misinterpret this signal, it's quite important.  If you're using BitCoin for its intended purpose, lawful business and art, then you have nothing to worry about.  But if you're HODLing...

The Parable of the Talents tells us not to sit around and wait for something good to happen, it instead tells us to make our own way no matter the conditions.  Trying and failing is better than living in fear.  It's a VERY old message, and it's relevance to modern times has never been stronger.

You're simply playing an elaborate game of chicken with other HODLers.  Who can jump out of the car closer to the edge before it goes over?  James Dean is the hero in that film, but wasn't he just a caught-sleeve away from being the patsy just like his rival?

Negligence and laziness is not a huge sin, as Bluto says "You FUCKED UP, YOU TRUSTED US!"

Worse, if you're PROMOTING btc bitCORN, are you in a deeper circle of hell?  Not only are you in the car driving toward the cliff, but you've invited others to join you.

Drug companies now routinely peddle what they don't know for sure is safe-- because the money.  Same goes for Twatter HODLer shills.  Ignorance isn't an excuse.

But Jan 21 '21 21:21 $21 is not a trap set for these types, it's a trap set for those looking for the deepest circle of Dante's hell.  It's a trap set for those who actually KNOW better-- developers who high-jacked the BitCoin plane and remove the wings and the landing gear and the parachutes.  A rocket's destiny is either crashing back to earth or forever lost in space.  There's no return unless everything is included.  This was partially missed from ignorance, but now ignorance is not an excuse.  There's a double-spend-at-will to consider.  There's no time for offense, there's only defense to be considered.  How to get rid of the attack vector-- a very real one.

The worst sins are committed by those who KNOW better-- Madoff & who else?  Who will be the first to peddle "digital gold" narrative now that known-flaws exist in "Fort Gnox"?

Double-spend? "inflation"? What does it mean?

Did you watch "Catch me if you Can?"  Frank Abignail writes bad checks.  Maybe he has $1,000 in his bank account, and buys not just one $1,000 plane ticket, but he buys TWO, with the same $1,000.  He can sell one plane ticket for his $1,000 back, and ride the plane for the other.  Free flight?  He can do the same with a larger amount, purchasing a house or a car.  The re's no "inflation" or printing of extra money-- that is irrelevant.  What there is, is a stolen flight, a lost car, a house for which the previous owner never got paid but lost the title.  Double-spends are the majority of the reason BitCoin exists in the first place-- just read the white paper!  Double-spend is a phrase in the first sentence of what Satoshi Nakamoto sent his cryptography mailing-list colleagues when advertising the beauty of this digital computation network which looked suspiciously like money.  

Anyone talking about "inflation" regarding the Jan 21, 2021 attack is either purposefully misdirecting.  Antonopolous ought to know better, yes?  He claims he is an expert in court, and even wrote "the book" on bitCORN, did he not?  So is he an ignorant expert, or is he a criminal protecting a bad investment (Like when Uncle Warren has his bank and airline investments bailed out by YOU the taxpayer?).

Can btc still go up?

or as my Dad used to say:

"Don't get caught in short pants"

Probably, as said previously, Wall Street never understood cryptocurrencies in the first place.  All they know is that everyone in "The Valley" from Shockley to Uber has made TONS of money with tech most of us barely understand.  But starting on Jan 21, 2021, there will be a price to pay.  Most likely the price will be law, but even if law is rewritten for the benefit of the wicked (like when Uncle Warren got bailed out in 2008-2011 [0: definitely read this reference!] from his poor stock picks, saving him tens of billions not to mention his curmudgeonly persona), the price will STILL be paid by btc core because good technology ALWAYS wins and because...

...btc is NOT digital gold.

btc is not an asset.

btc is not money.

btc is NOT BitCoin;

BitCoin Satoshi Vision (BSV) is BitCoin.


By the way "@jack", thank you for cancelling @SLictionary from Twatter; you did it a giant favor.  The best marketing is done inside Galt's Gulch to the people who appreciate it most, and it leaks out to the muggle-world anyway and makes them jealous.  THAT is onboarding.  Next article will be about that.

$JOHNPITTS on @HandCash because writing is for the birds.



[0] Uncle Warren's love letter to the American people after pulling one of the greatest crimes in world history-- taking billions from cash-bagholders who mainly comprise of the middle class and working poor who are the largest percentage-of-net-worth holders of working cash.

If you haven't read this, you should.  It's how Oligopoly works.  Heads Warren wins; tails you lose. https://www.nytimes.com/2010/11/17/opinion/17buffett.html  Only, in COVID 2020 Uncle Warren didn't even thank the taxpayer this time.  Rude!
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thacypha tipped:
Update, apparently there's been about 20 movements of satoshi-era coinbase over the last 10 months? All going to same address? The bitcoin is sold 20 or 21 coinbase rewards at a time. Either that or this article is completely made-up... https://news.bitcoin.com/21-bitcoin-block-rewards-from-2010-wake-up-236m-worth-of-satoshi-era-btc-spent-in-10-months/?utm_source=OneSignalPush&utm_medium=notification&utm_campaign=PushNotifications I don't track bitcoin movements, so someone who thinks that stuff is awesome ought to get some work done on it to confirm or debunk. I'll put up $1.00 BSV to anyone who does the work to figure out if it's true that 20 moves have been done, 20 or 21 coinbases at a time, for about 1,000 btc. fireworks indeed? ā“
79b replied:
how is no one taking you up on this?
Yeah, suddenly the dimestore dectectives are all busy, LOL. I believe Roy Murphsicles on Twitter tweeted about it a day later (today). But the article seems better. But the entity with 2010-era worth zillions also seems to be related to the double-spender. So.....
That was great@john... thank you!... I am really warming up to your writing style, amusing as well as informative (took a few articles thought)... but hold your horses here and there, just for us less experienced to enjoy the trip and get a grip... šŸ„šŸ˜