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Total Economy: 0.38 USD
I wish I could purchase TAAL stock.
seangray tipped:
0.19 USD
2 years ago
I get mine on etrade
adonsats replied:
can you share a link please ?
Try Integrative Brokers, they offer it from the German stock Exchange under the ticket 9SQ1 But since your are from Canada, it's a low cap coin, so another broker might get you it on the CSE
Bummer. Where are you located? Im in the states and bought though an online broker/bank. Had to pay a cross border fee to purchase, but i think thats gone now since new listing...
brian replied:
I'm in Canada! Using VirtualBrokers
mr_wolfman replied:
You can access to shares. I would think this is a great time to buy as the price has dipped this week.
If you can get a TD Ameritrade account started then you’re good, ticker is TAALF. That’s how I’m buying.
brian tipped:
0.19 USD
2 years ago
TAAL is on CSE (CAD) TD Ameritrade will give you access to TAALF (USD)
Why can't you?
pete replied:
Yes, aren't they listed with the ticker TAALF?
brian replied:
I'm using VirtualBrokers. I think I'm going to switch. What do you use?
dlsit replied:
I use questrade, Taal trades on the CSE I'm surprised Virtualbrokers won't let you buy?
dan_lazo replied:
I use Ally, have been for a while.
dario replied:
Degiro platform in Europe