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I need some help understanding this...I'm serious when I ask this question. Am I reading this correctly or is this say 3840 new cases of COVID appeared today of which 11.5% tested positive? I am confused...this is extremely misleading to me. So is it really 3840 * .115 new cases of COVID? Or are we just counting anyone who has a runny nose as being a COVID case but 11.5% of those cases are like...the real fuckin COVID...not that other COVID that the rest of the cases have. Those are just semi COVID cases...Please let me know if I am misunderstanding this. I truly don't know anymore.
the number of cases is the number of positives, the percentage is also the number of positives, out of the total number of tests, so if it's 10% and there's 1,000 cases, they did 10,000 tests .. the reason why they give the percentage positive is because it's a reliable indicator of whether there's actually an increase in the number of people infected .. if you measure a zillion more people and get a few more cases but the positivity percentage goes way down, then you were already finding most of the cases .. but if you measure a zillion more people and still get a high rate of positives then you weren't already measuring all those cases .. a positive rate spiking while you're doing a lot of testing is a very bad sign
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nenicloud replied:
thanks. it just seemed rather misleading. Of course, you can't explain things in detail on twitter. Your explanation makes sense. I appreciate your response. I was just trying to figure out what's going on where I live.
3840 new cases are the 11.5% of all tests done, so there were about 33500 tests altogether?
nenicloud replied:
thank you.