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I think an easy way to increase engagement per post is to have a simple Like ❤︎ button that is openly known to invisibly tip 0.01 USD to the OP. You can still send a larger tip with the tip button but if you want to scroll and like a bunch of stuff, it's a one-click action to tip 1 cent. Right now you have to do a little routine to get to tip someone while this could be doable with a single click, right on the feed, not on the post page. In the beginning you can have an alt-text on hover explaining the button and there could also be a visual confirmation that shows a { $ - 0.01 } when the button is clicked. And I guess this button is only visible when you have the invisible moneybutton enabled so people have already authorized that. Maybe there's even a way to hold up the actual payment for 5 seconds so the user can click and un-click if they hit the button by accident. Like on Instagram you can like a post with a double tap and then unlike it with the same gesture. Another good reference is how City on Chain did it, an expanding bubble with predefined tips, like 1c, 5c, 10c. - although this is still two clicks to like something, and only on the post page I believe. Another option which I'm sure you must have considered is to have upvote and downvote buttons and this would generate another way to sort the data. Similar to the Like button, this should be a one click that up or down, will tip 1c to the OP. This way it costs the same to upvote and downvote and you're also tipping the post either way so it becomes costly to spam-vote. Just a few ideas, all in due time of course. Powping is moving incredibly fast already, hats off to you. 🚀
I generally agree with this idea. The problem is that, thinking long term, 0.01 USD is still too much. If the user can decide in units of satoshi - it would make more sense. May even be used as an on-ramp to get users to begin adopting the concept of so many decimal places.
Yes some sort of like button but with tip price set by user. I.e. if I want to tip 5c I can choose that or 25c etc.
I love the idea of a Like button with invisible MoneyButton a bit like how Twetch has done it. Having an option to tip more would be awesome too and I don't like the way Twetch has done it with /pay - it's too nerdy. I think where Twetch has misjudged things is they have priced everything way to high which discourages dialogue.
bitscomplicated tipped:
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1 week ago
bitscomplicated replied:
With regards to Twetch - couldn’t agree more. They’re dictating the prices - not the market. With PowPing I think an option for the users to choose how much value the content they consume is worth is literally what all of this should mean.