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RelayX Ft/NFT

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https://www.relayx.com/market/79128ddf3263238112f9a5665fb021528ab786db4cf376f9aae2e9b5a3c3a35e_o1 This will be considered our 'boilerplate' logo for the 'bright' line of NF $TEEs ... get yours now and we will take 10% off of version 2 in the 'bright' line. I realize that many of you see this design and are thinking 'That's just some shitty, boring ass logo slapped on a Tee...I can get something waay cooler looking and cheaper than that shit!' To those of you thinking that, I completely understand that line of thinking. But there will be a day in the not so distant future where you will be thinking 'Shit...I should have gotten that plain ass looking Tee shirt. If only I would have known.' : ^ ( No hard feelings either way. I know people need proof before believing some 'little guy' in the BSV universe. haha. Us 'little guys' are going to be remembered in the future as game changers that produced some beast ass shit. Note to everyone -- stay #brightAF This NFT represents the physical Tee which can be redeemed by sending the # you are redeeming in this series of 125 to ins1d30ut@pegged.digital - the NFT will need to be 'burned' to the wallet nftee@relayx.io (by the person redeeming the physical Tee) in exchange for a higher quality, more artistic NFT. Shipping information will also be required. If this is being shipped outside the US, please accompany this NFT with our International Shipping NFT. => https://www.relayx.com/market/d0a3bfa3f676bff56c3abaecbd080454e9c2b4b06bd923596928d220f9173a86_o1 Other contact info: https://twitter.com/TEE94451238
/ https://twetch.app/u/51697 / nfteebsv@protonmail.com