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Post your TonicPow links here to click...is that cheating? If you link them, I will click.
I decided against posting more links like this. I am happy to advertise things I support, but I was just made aware of a disclaimer about creating pools of link sharing to 'scam' tonicpow. That was never my real intention. I am just posting tonicpow links on my twitter and linkedin accounts.
Let try, as I am wondering the tonic pow doesn't work. I never get payment, I also don't know whether the installation is complete https://tncpw.co/189e77a6
nenicloud replied:
it works. make sure any links you're posting have funds available for the campaign
mamatrohimat replied:
How to see it?
nenicloud replied:
do you have discord@mamatrohimat
mamatrohimat replied:
I have deleted the application. I have Telegram@mamatrohimat
neokiewiet replied:
i clicked on yours