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We are starting a new THING thanks to partnering with www.SLictionary.com It will be a series of shows which discuss any cryptoCurrency you like, but voters will tell us which (@Streamanity ) show to make next. Do you want to know about EOS, Avalanche, Polkadot, Ethereum, btc, bch or SHUA-coins? We'll do it, and charge a small amount for the episode. But wait, there's more! We'll also put a shingle up on SLictionary to QUICKLY describe the cryptocurrency, that way when you need an experienced blurb on what's (wrong) going on with a certain crypto because you forgot or didn't feel like doing the research, it will be easily searchable on www.SLictionary.com . You'll ALWAYS know where to go if you need a quick fix. Best use case? Your nieghbor is incessantly telling you about EOS, how great it is. You never looked at it. You type "EOS" into the www.SLictionary.com search bar, and for 1 penny you can find out what a piece of shit EOS is in about 20 seconds. Then you come back and explain to your pal how he's going to lose all his money. Voila! 🔍 https://www.slictionary.com/testit/eos/a70a15190231d065b24d35dca5bc2d0c334ce7c14a1aeef58644704dfb703957 🔍 SelfLearningDictionary made the first one for us.
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