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Regarding TonicPOW advertising. Though it's early days, I can see how it would have even wider application if there were also an opportunity for locally focused advertising. I run a small business that's purely locally based. I would like to utilize TonicPOW but it's no point unless I can ensure that ads only appear on locally based websites.
I wonder if it would be possible to sort the localisation problem with coding from your side, so TonicPow would only be active in the country, state or city you specify. Just thinking aloud here... it would be great to hear from a techie savvy who could throw some light into this... is it possible? If so, how could it be achieved?
orac tipped:
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2 years ago
use TonicPow , on a CityOnChain.com , put it into the different features of the targeted city , area.
orac replied:
The problem there is that the ad would be confined to CoC only. Also the ad would be on the Tonicpow ecosystem and anyone could place the ad anywhere on the internet. I would like the ads to have a location target option.