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Card/Comics trading & collection.

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Total Economy: 0.38 USD
My BSV collection.
tonymontoshi tipped:
pete tipped:
scarcetti tipped:
Dont miss the SHUA NF$Tee!
Its huge! All I have is a Z coin. I think Mr Hodl is my favorite
bitcoin_assassin replied:
I have the twetch poker print also. But I plan on selling for dirty cheap or burn it and upload to https://streamanity.com
thoth replied:
bro autograph over it and sell it for cork prices
bitcoin_assassin replied:
Not a bad idea. 🀣
thoth replied:
πŸ’―πŸ’―πŸ’―πŸ’― right lol i'll advertise it
bitcoin_assassin replied:
Waiting a 3 more items. Comics book from@nate and 2 coins from Z.
tonymontoshi replied:
Dang man that’s a solid collection.
nate replied:
Yeah... bummed it never arrived. Hopefully the replacement shows up this week.
bitcoin_assassin replied:
Same here. Hopefully they both show up at one point or another.