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Hot off the press 🌻..... Satoshi Doodles 2021 Calendar $12.95 USD + shipping NOW available here: https://www.etsy.com/ca/listing/849403494/satoshi-doodles-2021-calendar OR Please contact satoshidoodles [!at] protonmail.com to order/pay with BSV. You must include the following information in the email: 1. YOUR NAME 2. HOW MANY CALENDARS 3. FULL MAILING ADDRESS (complete and accurate) I will reply to your email with a quote and BSV payment details. After payment is received, your order will be processed and shipped.
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This is awesome, thank you !
Been looking forward to this ever since you brought up the idea. It's a must-have for next year! Hope international shipping works. This is just so awesome I've got this silly grin on my face :D P.S. Product request: Satoshi Diaries/Notebooks
satoshidoodles replied:
@hammerbrook Hopefully your country is not on Canada Post's suspended countries (for shipping) list. Please email me if you have any questions (satoshidoodles@protonmail.com). Will consider notebooks for the future. Thanks for your suggestion :)
I have never seen such flagrant use of artistic ability to make digital currency! Well Done!
satoshidoodles replied:
@thecloudgallery That is sweet of you to say. You may not believe how many curse words were involved at certain points (mostly in relation to things I could not figure out *cough* like Woocommerce, or things that BSV wallets and apps do not currently facilitate very easily or at all, hence the Etsy listing).
I should invite you to powpress.org so you can do all this in a single post :)
satoshidoodles replied:
Still getting the hang of which order to upload multiple images. Seems to be reverse order!
unwriter replied:
satoshidoodles replied:
Beautiful, and so many possibilities! The problem is directing as many eyeballs as possible (who care) to see each post.
Scaling panel "experts"...
"Every giant was once a tiny seed..."
"Solve real problems for real people at scale"
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adonsats replied:
iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiihhhhhhhh ! madre de...
satoshidoodles replied:
@adonsats hahaha, is that good or bad? ;)
glauce replied:
I think wild birds will have to wait until next year... this is wilder!