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"The medium of transmission (as in the Eidophone's liquid forms) must naturally be dendrite-receptive in order for the correct formation to arrange itself. Thus, from the philosophical viewpoint of Rudolf Steiner's four ethers, these eido-dendritic forms find their natural habitat in the chemical or tone ether. The four ethers - Warmth, Light, Chemical, and Life-are endowed with formative processes, and the chemical/tone ether possesses the requisite living, liquid substance of which all vocal and musical composition finds its medium. This chemical/tone ether is the living, breathing substance of the earth itself. https://www.aetherforce.energy/communication-and-eido-dentric-experience-by-michael-theroux/ In the written works of Gerry Vassilatos, specifically the Vril Compendium, he defines the very essence of all forms arising not from the aetheric, but from Vril manifestation. Vril is the fundamental eidetic thread of the universe; the underlying and archetypal energic quality of the living. "Vril is dendritic and generates dendritic structures throughout the natural world" (Vassilatos). In Volume 4, Vril Archeforms, Gerry reveals that Vril permeates everything dendritically, and "organizes and variegates itself through the ground ... extending through us and continues entwining itself throughout the universe" (Vassilatos). #aetherforce #vassilatos #borderland #ether #aether #vril #eidetic #steiner