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I have been pretty private with my struggles over the past couple of years... but in order to continue to move forward I believe it’s time to start sharing. I recorded this weeks ago, but didn’t have the courage to release. I didn’t edit a thing. It’s raw. It’s open. It gets a little deep while still touching for the most part just the surface.... This is episode 2 of the@LIFE podcast. I will continue to expand on various topics, some of which I mention in this video. https://streamanity.com/video/laFVT8uXidUj
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💓 🌍
river replied:
Just saw your comment on the video Adam, thank you! It is time for a revolt against the current system!
adambowcutt replied:
💪 A good start is to 'vote with our wallets' 🤔
The pregnancy of our second son impacted my wife's health considerably, but it allowed us to discover and treat her Crohn's disease. I wish you much improved health!
river replied:
Thank you Derek!
benjamin replied:
My wife also went through induction on both our kids... several weeks post "due date." They were cranking that pitocin up to the max... made me a bit nervous for sure.
river replied:
How was her recovery postpartum?
benjamin replied:
Well, I don't think too bad... Of course, we didn't really have much of a comparison point! During the process though, it was a bit rough though for sure. The labor w/ our daughter spanned days. They had to shut-off the pitocin after cranking it for the better part of a day, let her sleep/rest for several hours, and then start all over again...
river replied:
Oh wow that sounds horrific :( But... Im actually more surprised they didn't wheel her in for a C-section!
Excellent! So glad you shared!