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Never read up on Jimmy Butler's story til today, wow, it makes Michael Oher's story seem like boring old rice puffs. https://bit.ly/3j8376k (sucky way to read it, but as good as any-- U got a better one that isn't so ad-crazy?) Mike Leach and Nick Foles + Miami made this about my favorite weekend in sports in I don't even remember how long. Even better than when 59.5 year old Tom Watson pretty much won a major at a preposterous age (but had it ripped out of his hands by a fluke shot). 643 passing yards against the best team in college football, unreal. NBA better not rig this Finals for LeBron. Gonna be watching refs closely for shennanigans.
Forgot the picture... (of one of the best stories out there-- search for ESPN's story on Big Face)