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Earn Bitcoin Idea #1. Make a web site with a showcase of BSV web monetized sites. Allow users to add their own web site to a directory. I will add a link to it inside the MoneyStream extension. Of course the web site itself with be monetized with MoneyStream and you will earn bitcoin every time someone goes to your site.
pete tipped:
0.02 USD
1 year ago
^ I'll try to do something with this idea. :-)
fullcycle tipped:
0.04 USD
1 year ago
fullcycle replied:
pete replied:
Can I use the MoneyStream logo on the directory website?
fullcycle replied:
Yes. I will upload some images and post the links here
pete replied:
Here's the link directory: https://monstr.link/
fullcycle replied:
I will test it. But first you need to put your payout address in the header. Yours is empty. <meta name="monetization" content=""> MoneyStream should display an error if monetization is empty so I will log a bug for it.
pete replied:
Oh right, thanks for mentioning about that. Should be fixed now. 🙂