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1 7 , 0 0 0 $ The market has spoken.
It's going to be an epic crash.
framore replied:
Yes... but right now 17,800$
danlazo replied:
Like 2017
BTC is a funding platform funds the dark net BLM antifa
not the ordinary marketmarket. tether has spoken!
erik replied:
These crooks are funding antifa
framore replied:
Real money are investing, fiat and meanwhile bsv is paying advertising online to be noticed
brian replied:
How do you figure "real money" is investing in BTC? Is the money in BSV fake money?
framore replied:
Exactly. That is the answer of bsv religion members
brian replied:
Not quite sure what that means?
erik replied:
If price goes up everyone just switches to BTC like that of course was the answer to everything