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It seems that powping post has double submit program. @unwriter
1. Could you explain how to replicate this? 2. Are you using instant mode? or strict mode? 3. Can you share the OS and the browser and the device? 4. Does this happen every time? or once in a while? 5. Does your browser refresh after you submit?
derek replied:
1,4. it always happens. 2. instant mode 3. Honor V9, Android9,Chrome76 5. not fresh first time, so I can post twice.
unwriter replied:
> 2. instant mode Does this not happen if you switch to strict mode? > 5. not fresh first time, so I can post twice. Aha so basically you're saying you end up posting twice because you didn't know it was posted the first time so you try one more time? Does this mean you are actually manually posting twice? (clicking the "post" button twice) Also, in this case could you do me a favor and do the following? - Post once - Assuming there's no refresh, open the browser developer console and look to see if there are any error messages, and share.
derek replied:
My network is slow from China. So I can resubmit before the first post finished.