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Bitcoin (BSV) and Proof-of-Work (POW): 2 Birds 1 Stone?

I know that Bitcoin (BSV) utilizes Proof-of-Work (POW) and I understand the value of this—securing the network and processing transactions—however, why is the computing power utilized in mining partially wasted in solving (supposedly) meaningless problems?


What if miners could decide to dedicate their computing power towards solving scientific and engineering problems that could benifit from parallel computer processing as in Gridcoin (GRC). Then, the argument that Bicoin and POW is not environmentally friendly could be vanquished permanently.


Of course, if a layman like myself can think of the above, I would be suprised if the Bitcoin network's incentivised processing power ('mining'), is not actually solving real probelms. Satoshi has deep connections with the English-language intelligence community after-all. Perhaps the problems being solved are determined by this intelligence community or, more specfically, are actually the basis of an artificial neural network or artifical 'intelligence' that can be commanded by 'Satoshi' i.e. Craig and those he worked with—or perhaps anyone with the right 'keys'... In fact, I would be suprised if this was not already the case. Not fully utilizing incentivised computing power isn't something Satoshi, the genius creator, would have done. What do you think?

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Every 10 minutes a block has to be solved. I do not see how you solve that with your solution.
thacypha replied:
How do you over come the set in stone problem?
thacypha replied: