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Tired of peeling pears...

Turning kitchen scraps into soil over the winter.

A late post (pics from about a month ago). In August I canned a bunch of Asian pears from my dad's tree. After several rounds of canning my cramped hands could not bear to peel any more fruit, which were all about golf-ball sized. Here are the trimmings with some other odds and ends, going into a pile for fall/winter composting.

One volunteer tomato plant in the middle.

I grew some arugula, kale, and radishes here in the spring as it's a partly shaded spot. (That's the last little stalk of kale which was being attacked by slugs.) Surprisingly, one volunteer tomato plant did pretty well here, despite the lack of sun. Yes, I used a child's blue beach spade because my usual metal spade was unavailable. None of this matters for composting purposes.

The peelings are buried with some cardboard pieces under a few inches of soil, to which I'll also add soil from the cherry tomato pots when they are "done" for the season. The last layer will be a big pile of leaves (from the huge tree above that's waiting to dump leaves). Everything I've read about trench composting suggests burying kitchen scraps under at least 12-18 inches (30+ cm) of soil. So far, no issues with critters disturbing the buried scraps.

Since these photos were taken, I've added the finished pole bean vines and a bunch of rosemary trimmings.

p.s. I'm intending for this post to go to the "Compost Network" channel. I started out with a "message" but saw the "blog" tab, which seemed like a better option for a longer post. We'll see what happens when I hit "save" and then post!

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musiq tipped:
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2 years ago
Just FYI, if you check the "also share with my followers", the post gets posted to both the channel and to your followers. Otherwise it's only posted to the channel and not your followers.
satoshidoodles tipped:
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2 years ago
satoshidoodles replied:
Thank you! I did notice that checkbox, but wasn't sure what the flow of actions was until completing the whole process (posting blog to channel) at least once. Because the blog tab opened in a new browser tab (which was no longer on the same screen as the "also share with followers" box).