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BSV Business Ideas

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Uniswap has set the bar with it's dex on eth - If we are creating a token system on Bsv then somebody could maybe create a similar type swap exchange for BSV so that BSV gains high liquidity quickly - making it open source would allow challengers to fork the code and make competing dexs thus increasing Liquidity and locked up assets.
pete tipped:
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2 years ago
I would just add that there needs to be some kind of trust/review system built in to make sure people don't get scammed.
musiq replied:
No one in BSV wants to do this because everyone believes this model has no future and I agree. The belief system in BSV is that the "make sure people don't get scammed" part is handled by the law through government enforcement and the blockchain only serves as the evidence. Nobody is really seriously regulating all this DEX stuff today because the governments don't want to hurt innovation and there's not really an alternative but as soon as there's an alternative model that works well with the existing legal framework, all these uniswaps and dexes will become illegal because people can just use bsv and governments will actually encourage people to use bsv because it's in their interest.
mooncat replied:
I think that governments encouraging people to use bsv is a pipedream. we have to be proactive and get users or we will die
musiq replied:
No that's not what i said, what i mean is there's no way governments will legitimize DEX when there's a clear alternative. A government is literally the entity that makes sure you don't get scammed through law. If I put you at gunpoint and take all your tokens, a DEX can't help you. A government can.
mooncat replied:
I don't think you can have an alternative to a dex - it will just be a normal regulated exchange. Then those that prefer dexs will just move to a different region and countries like the US will suffer for it.
mooncat replied:
Regulation is only good is it's globally inforced
mooncat replied:
mooncat replied:
Do you expect a similar overbearing US system like china has, which controls everything - I think bsv might work in that system - in a global open world system i think bsv might struggle as fiat will leak into less restrictive regions and systems where more freedoms are coded.