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Some cryptocurrency & Peer-to-Peer network History: 1989 eCash concieved by David Chaum 1989 DigiCash (Chaum's implementation of the concept) 1998 Bankruptcy of DigiCash despite "flourishing electronic commerce" 1999 Napster file sharing network, deceased 2001 2000 MojoNation / MNet; deceased 2002 2000 LimeWire file-sharing begins; injunction issued 2010 for copyright infringement 2009 BitCoin Node network begins-- "a peer to peer electronic cash system" "If a miner stops working, it gets replaced... the best party wins. That's what BitCoin is about-- it's resilient."-- CSW Editorial comment: BitCoin is not anonymous; it's a commodity network, and this is why it will not be shut down by the G-20.