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Bitcoin Script

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Can you use any two OPcodes to implement OP_LESSTHAN? There is more than one way :D
joe tipped:
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2 years ago
Not using two opcodes, but here's a way without any comparison operators. assuming the stack looks like [a, b]. OP_SUB makes the stack [a-b] If a < b then a-b < 0, which would mean the last byte must be have the significant bit enabled. OP_SIZE OP_1SUB OP_SPLIT will let us extract the last byte. So the stack will look like [(a-b)[:-1], (a-b)[1:-1]] then use, 0x01 0x80 OP_AND to see if the bit is set, then you must use OP_7 OP_RSHIFT because the bitcoin stack machine will consider negative zero (0x80) as equivalent to zero. Optionally, use OP_NIP to clean up. All in all this is the following script in full: OP_SUB OP_SIZE OP_1SUB OP_SPLIT 80 OP_AND OP_7 OP_RSHIFT OP_NIP
venezia tipped:
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2 years ago
venezia replied:
Wow! You made the question into a deeper level.
joe replied:
Haha, I really like Bitcoin Script
covid replied: