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So I guess I should say hi ! ^___^
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mypheasant tipped:
How are ya? How is your beautiful garden like these days?
maasoome replied:
😍🌷 thank you for the tip. I'm fine,I got a job ×___× although salary is low (our monetary unit is getting lower every day, first when I get the job my salary was around 98 $ but nowadays is getting lower around 78$ monthly for 7:30 hours a day ) but the good point is at least I'm not getting bored anymore 😅🤭 our garden is so beautiful in this season with lots of yummy fruits: cherries, fresh walnuts, strawberries,,,,
mypheasant replied:
can you spend cryptocurrency easily in Iran
maasoome replied:
Well yes but not directly,we exchange it , I mean there is not places to accept crypto currency instead of national money ×_×
mypheasant replied:
can you yourself easily exchange BSV into Iranian currency - for spending? so to speak..
maasoome replied:
Um exchanging BSV takes a little time , last time I tried to exchange 0.2 BSVs and it took for days for me to get the money :| before it took just 2 days but last time was different.
maasoome replied:
😂😂😘❤ thank you my old friend 🌷
hello fren 👋
maasoome replied:
Hi dookie 😍😍😍 glad to see here ^___^
Welcome! 🙏
maasoome replied:
Thank you 😍🌷