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It's called "impossible burger" which is not made with any meat. I'm not a vegetarian but I ordered this burger. It was good!
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That looks really tasty !
That looks delicious!
@dar42@sandysmoothie@glauce Thanks for the tips! : )
how was the consistency?
emily replied:
I think they add some grains like barley. It was nice!
miggy replied:
Uhm, aroma thoughts... did they tell you the ingredients? I am curious to find out if it is a new idea (I stay clear of soy, as is mostly GMO).
emily replied:
glauce replied:
Thank you for going to the trouble Emily, that was lovely... as I suspected, they use soy for protein, please make sure is organic, GMO soy is not your friend at all.
emily tipped:
cloudbuster replied:
Glauce, most soy used for human food is not GMO. Almost all the soy that is GMO is produced to make animal feed. Check out Simnett Nutrition och Cole Hastings on youtube.
glauce replied:
Thank for the info@cloudbuster... there is something to note though, if the soy product is non GMO, it usually states it so... here in the UK, if is not specified, most people won't touch it.
glauce replied:
This veggie burger is becoming quite a hot topic, I love it@emily
cloudbuster replied:
@glauce EU has outlawed GMO crops for growing and importing to the EU thankfully. You must check this guy's explanation about the misconceptions of soy: https://youtube.com/watch?v=y7gyqx52ipw
glauce replied:
I agree@cloudbuster, soy can be amazing, but even the non-gm, organic stuff can be dubious... I've read about a Japanese company that sent back a whole crop of organic soy for containing glyphosate (the worst you can have in your food)... if I could test it, then I would eat it.