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TAAL Will be the processor of ehr data tx. Ehr data Is directly correlated to Pdx. Pdx has recently been incorporated in a NASDAQ listed Company: Change Helthcare. Do your math.
seangray tipped:
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1 year ago
Large companies do R&D projects all the time and they also walk away from them all the time. Nobody talks about this on social media because they just want BSV to moon, but people should have realistic expectations. This level of irrational expectation when they still haven't released any tangible product yet will only result in a huge disappointment. Chances are they will just release some R&D proof of concept in 2021, and even that is no guarantee that any actual adoption will happen. Enterprise companies move very slow because of bureaucracy, and things will likely move slow even if EHR does well with their proof of concept.
robertogox replied:
No hurry in here. The powerfull thing is that there are many other projects to come, and if a project of this caliber can bring x33 txs, the sum of all the others will be huge. In a way or the other BSV is going to shape the world differently, it is just a matter of time.
Taal(EHR + PDX + NASDAQ) = win Is my math correct?
robertogox replied:
The result is moon