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@electrumsv so let me know why using your wallet, with private seed and password written well, computer perfect with antivirus, firewall all on. Why after I withdraw my 8.05 BSV, I get 2 deposit on around 0.017 BSV and one of 567 Satoshi and why after few hours 8.17 BSV leave my wallet to address where they keep moving until landing in one address with 125 BSV. Throwing money like this is crazy.
Your money ended up being here https://blockchair.com/bitcoin-sv/address/15Ho1uBeFguWPwKuctB9jNjwqM1anxDYgK with over 6k BSV. I would contact the police, and have a report. Later on, when the network matures, you will be able to recover your coins in court. But you will need to prove they were taken (stolen) from you
framore replied:
Yes I know it is there. Well what the BSV society does about? Probably that 6k bsv are all stolen. Nobody can find who own that address? Korean police will tell me is mh fault to use Bitcoin
dimadan replied:
BSV society cannot do anything about it at the moment, unfortunately. There is no tool for that yet, and you can't just make it overnight. Highly likely, you will be able to get it back sometime in the future (especially if BSV price will be much higher). It's gona cost you, but it might be worth it. For now, I would file a report, even if the police tells you it's your fault.
Sorry for your lost, but for sure it is not ElectrumSV fault.
framore replied:
Why ? I just withdraw to my wallet. And gone...
There are scam wallets and sites out there. Where did you download it from. Sorry for your loss.
framore replied:
i updated 1.3.6 from the wallet itself now@electrumsv is admiting that this version has problems, in fact in his page there is written do not use it. But then why they let download it? 1500$ bsv gone without reason. Crypto is a big shit. Better put the money in the bank. Lesson learnt two times. But i could never think my own wallet make operations without my consent despite have the password... how the hell the coin went out?
pete tipped:
dlsit replied:
Hopefully they or someone can advise exactly what happened. Seems very strange.
framore replied:
Super strange... u just withdraw to my wallet from coinex and then 2 deposits arrived and in the afternoon account wiped out. Craig says Bitcoin is honest and traceable so how this is honest? How can be traceable? For me 8 bsv is not small money...
framore replied:
I just withdraw *
framore replied:
No, i didnt download it, I had on my pc. This is not the simple scam, someone send me something and kind of make something weird or the wallet got crazy. I got 2 deposit and then coin left