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Expect more of related. https://coingeek.com/codughs-taal-deal-is-bsv-hackathon-success-story/ Anyone else wondering about this TAAL + PlanariaCorp + Codugh trifecta?
bsv_century tipped:
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2 years ago
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2 years ago
@seangray, do you work for Taal?
seangray replied:
Nope. They work for me lol.
mephisto replied:
I see, thanks. It is just to clarify if the info was coming from the staff.
codugh will pay 0 fees for all transactions processed by taal. API interactions will still have a satoshi cost associated. The API marketplace will attract all the developers. these devs will compete to capture the value from as many common tasks as they can imagine. TAAL will earn from this relationship. We hold a 20% stake in Codugh. Codugh gets 5% of every api interaction. Seems all of Planaria's api's will be monetized on this marketplace and will enjoy the 0 fee transactions for all the stuff they build out. The thing is, you can build your app on this and monetize the api your app is built upon. With the right relationships you pay 0 fees and users pay every time they interact with your api. This is what Unwriter is doing.
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2 years ago
bsv_century replied:
In fact very interesting 🧐 and clever
seangray replied:
"The first iteration of the Bitcoin SV Merchant API includes features such as fee discovery and direct transaction submissions. Fee discovery allows parties the ability to know in advance the fee levels required from miners to guarantee the needed service level when creating transactions." Sounds an awful lot like a price oracle. Oh, and I believe they have a patent on this. Sucks to be a LINK hodler.
This screenshot is from the codugh website.
liam replied:
Interesting. So you're suggesting PlanariaCorp's primary way of monetisation could be via Codugh's API marketplace?
seangray replied: