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Haphazard Radionics by Gerry Vassilatos https://tpow.app/f8759791 "For several years now, I [Gerry Vassilatos] have become aware of the psychondic powers found in certain locales. There are those which are, of course, the natural ones-those generated by natural so in specific locations. These can be found to arise via arrangements purely of Nature, as in the particular orientations of rocks, shrubs, trees, streams, pools, wooded areas. Others are found to be very powerful “devices,” and are directing and focussing energies as a result of human interactions and placements. [Psychondic is a term coined by the author to designate gateways for energies dealing with the psyche.]" ... "Architects, musicians, artisans of every kind, all are radionic engineers. Whether they consciously realize these facts or not, they are making machinery whose total effect we cannot tell. Beauty is a radiant phenomenon. Ideas are a radiant phenomenon. Machines seem to trigger new “machine ideas.” Songs and music utilize sonic clusters in order to transflux Space and release qualities intended. It seems that such gloriously simple means of achieving this have been delivered to us-just uttering musical notes and affecting distant locales directly. More will be spoken about these matters in subsequent articles, but suffice it to say that nearby articles of everyday experience serves, for the sensitive individual, a wealth of data in radionic matters." ... "Our most sincere hope is that you, the reader, will apply and undertake these notions of radionic examination in order to better stimulate and organize materials intended for design and more formal construction of devices which operate in natural energetic fluxions. Go out for a walk and enjoy this free multisensory “haphazard” experience in radiesthetic machinery. Perhaps it will be you who discovers a means of better amplifying the natural energies – even as Nature is right now doing the same at some unknown locales. Perhaps you may discover the means of building the machinery of the newer, better world after such an excursion. Search your mind. Surely you remember such places of local energy. Perhaps now you will realize what it is about the manner in which the locales were naturally arranged, what materials (living or inorganic) make them to so emit their energies. We need to learn how to cooperate with these energies and utilize their glories best. They often so totally relate us to many other placings elsewhere that we feel more vitally ourselves; and so we need to pursue them most ardently toward our goal." #aetherforce #ether #vril #radionics #radiesthesia #borderland #vassilatos #lifeforce #psychotronics