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Bitfeed and 21e8/Boost are going to be a match made in heaven
Can you explain how? https://youtube.com/watch?v=uUJTxvk98xM
I just watched this, and didn't really understand it. I agreed with Craig's comment at the end.
jas replied:
Adding proof-of-work to content is similar to superchat on YT, it's all about exposure and being able to index/sort content in a new way. Upvotes/likes/retweets (and especially payments/tips) can be gamed and are a bad way to sort the internet.
gendale replied:
Still doesn’t make sense to me. We already have commodified PoW. It’s called Bitcoin.
liam replied:
@gendale did you manage to figure out what 21e8 is about?
gendale replied:
nope lol
21e8 is a rebrand of BSH.