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Not sure I understand this aspect of the release from TAAL: "On September 8, 2020 the Company entered into an agreement to sell 37,500 non-operational hashing servers (the "Assets") to an arms' length buyer..." Regarding "non-operational" -- Does that just mean TAAL wasn't using them or they don't work?
seangray replied:
They are functional units. I believe we are going to see private placement soon.
benjamin replied:
What is leading you to think a placement is in-bound. Think mining rev dropping so far it's burning through the reserves too fast for comfort?
seangray replied:
Calvin gets to buy 10% of every PP and they are issuing shares right now for many many acquisitions. Commissions for these deals are paid in shares as well. He will want to buy a lot of shares in a PP to get a good price and average out his dilution. When they update the total shares after this is done it might then be time for a consolidation.
benjamin replied:
Saw your other comment about makers and waiting with retail. Do you have a target you’re waiting for?
seangray replied:
Sub dollar is my target price but I will keep buying all the way up to $1.40 after the drop.
Deutsch ist nicht meine Muttersprache, und vielleichet eine dumme Frage, aber warum nicht in der "Schweiz"? Danke sehr.
hv_ replied:
Schweiz ist Hochdeutsch. Schwiz örtlicher Dialekt
hammerbrook tipped:
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2 years ago
hammerbrook replied:
Ach so!