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Where can I see a list of only the channels I'm subscribed?
See screenshot
it's the home page. At the top you see the subscribed channels list. And below you see the feed made up of people you follow.
dan_lazo replied:
For some reason I can't see the home page. When I click on the home icon it takes me to /channels, and powping.com defaults to /channels also.
unwriter replied:
are you logged out? please share a screenshot
unwriter replied:
try signing out and signing back in.
dan_lazo replied:
/home pages gives the message "Cannot GET /home"
dan_lazo replied:
Signing out didn't work. Still redirects to /channels
dan_lazo replied:
Maybe its my chrome browser. I'll test more later.
dan_lazo replied:
I'm on Safari, and still having same problem, /channels page appears by default and home icon redirects there.
dan_lazo replied:
I figured out the root of the issue. This problem only happens when I use a different primary paymail than the MB default. When I login using my default MB paymail the home page works fine, but when I login with danlazo@moneybutton.com, I can't see the home page and redirects to /channels.
null tipped:
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2 years ago
null replied:
"we build this thing together" /uw
dan_lazo replied:
@unwriter I'd like to continue using my danlazo paymail instead of the default MB paymail. Just wondering if this is a bug that will be worked on, or if I should only login with default paymail. Thanks!
unwriter replied:
I would like to take care of this, but this is really a moneybutton problem and moneybutton is like a black box from my point of view. This is also why I haven't been able to implement multiple paymail per account yet, because I think there's something weird going on on moneybutton side but haven't been able to figure out, and the moneybutton team doesn't have time to look into this at the moment. But once these things are fixed and there are no longer any issues with Moneybutton, I will get to this. For now, please just use the default paymail.