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Full Width Images on Powpress

You can easily switch between full width and normal mode. Simply click the image and it will display a context menu. Click the context menu and it will show you multiple options to manipulate the image.

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Blogging 3.0 !
man im loving this 😂
@unwriter, How do I add an image? Copy / paste is also not working in powpress.
oliver8008 replied:
ohh ok I found it in the + button. Ok Im wondering if I now edit in powpress it will update in powping?
oliver8008 replied:
mmm ok "NO"
oliver8008 replied:
PS: Add "more" indicator to the bottom of the powping post of the powpress article, if it's longish?
unwriter replied:
Yes on powping you post an immutable blog post so you won't be able to edit once you publish. What do you mean by "more" indicator? On powping it only displays the article preview so won't display the entire post. You will see the full content only when you click through.
oliver8008 replied:
"more" is that new feature you added to indicate that a powping post is longer than the preview normally displayed. Im likely being an Aspergers but if a long powpress's artical's black line is an indicator of a powpress post......when it's preview is presented (in powping) and it is longer than the short preview allowed for then to be consistent in powping it should have the ...(ghosted) ...more... (indicator). Plus the powpress horizontal black line. I get it but the newbies to powping in 3 months time won't see the longer article available with just the black line if they have been only habituated with the .....more...(indicator)
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unwriter replied:
Thanks now it says "[Read article]"
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oliver8008 replied:
It's a real pleasure.