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Drafting my first post on BitPost. It's very slick. Here are some suggestions: Make twitter links expand (I know, twitter sucks, but I crosspost tweets in my posts) I save drafts often. The drafts process is a bit confusing. Recommend consolidating that into a Publish/Save Draft button which most people will be more familiar with Any thoughts to adding a theme where users could choose a few simple layouts? This would allow a true replacement of Wordpress (cosmetic request, low priority) I'm testing a few things today. No promises but may have more feedback later.
Cheers sir. I certainly will look in to embedded content from twitter youtube etc. Its on the list. As is another pass on how all the options are presented - I agree its a bit confusing as is. Not too sure about themes as such, although I do want to improve the way media and images are handled. This is one area where powpress has the upper hand and is a bit trickier to match with the markdown editor. But I think if I can improve this it should give authors a bit more flexibility in how their content is presented.
Also, audiob.app going to be integrated? Get Kanye on there! Single platform for Ye. #freeKanye =)
libs replied:
It's like you're reading my mind.