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Just posted a video where I briefly go through 20 popular (and new) BSV apps in 2021: https://youtu.be/beuQv58KJp4
mandeep tipped:
Great vid, though i knew about all of these already. Interesting thought regarding Hona- it's a novel idea but i think would incentivize wider adoption if offered interest on staked coins. By integrating that element could become a completely unique form of yield farming, and would be first on BSV to do something like that. Another feature could be to gamify it further by allowing sponsors to short or long your goals, making future predictions to your performance. Sponsors who take long positions would be extra motivated to support you in reaching your goals. While short positions could have some fun taking the piss out of you strengthening your resolve not to prove them right! Interest and competitive elements would incentivize users to follow through even more and encourage staking larger amounts of coins. unrelated PS: very odd, but Powping does not display comments section on Safari desktop browser.
liam replied:
Yeah will be interesting to see how the staking aspect on Hona develops. I think they plan for some prediction market type thing. And yeah video was not meant for existing BSVers. More for me to have a quick link to show newbies to BSV whatโ€™s already built on BSV.
this is a great resource for introducing people to bitcoin. thanks man
Will be checking this out ๐Ÿ‘