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Hi, I made a limited collection of 3 digital impression NFTs from my painting. Each is one-of-a-kind: EnlightenSV1, EnlightenSV2 and EnlightenSV3 for sale on relayx. Look into the contract listings. 1. https://relayx.com/market/f6314e27368478282f84abc55ddfd65fd22fbc57c85b52ee557eed46d7f9857c_o1 2. https://relayx.com/market/253b92217c268a797784eb4762e1a23cb2e13f12ea1b7a7d29284d0761c04bcc_o1 3. https://relayx.com/market/9843b486cdab872641dd263423ddb22cbce53aa7300acdff82088e928c52d17d_o1
bpm tipped:
very cool 😎
babyrozh replied:
I paint that for spiritual reason , so buyer of it gonna exprience spiritual growth hihi :-p
thoth replied:
😌 i believe that
Those are really cool.
babyrozh replied:
Thanksss sir , i have physical painting of this artwork , i did it one month ago
bpm replied:
I boosted your streamanity clip of this if anybody wants to see the painting part https://streamanity.com/video/65SBc5UourHk
what we're looking at here looks like a merge of all 3. I can't figure what powping did here, but the 3 contracts themselves show each image separately.
thoth replied:
suppose to be all in one?
bpm replied:
ok, I see, she put them in a collage by hand and uploaded it as an image
babyrozh replied:
yep i did :-p