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Anthony de Mello

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...and their emotions... A passenger on a train was giving the dining car waiter his order. “For dessert,” he said, “I’ll have tarts and ice-cream.” The waiter said they had no tarts. The man exploded. “What? No tarts? That’s absurd. I am one of the biggest customers this rail board has. Each year I organize trips for thousands of tourists and I have hundred of tons of freight transported on it. And when I myself travel on the line I cannot get a simple thing like tarts! ‘I’ll take this up with the chairman himself.” The chef called the waiter aside and said, “We can get him the tarts at the next stop.” Right after the next stop the waiter was back again. “I’m happy to inform you, sir that our chef has worked on these tarts especially for you. He hopes you will like them. And, with them, we would like to offer you this seventy-five year old brandy, compliments of the line.” The passenger threw his napkin on the table, made a fist and shouted. “To hell with the tarts! I’d rather be angry!” ...(how empty our lives would be if we had nothing to resent)... 🙂