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Is the dollar going for a comeback? Will gold be staying over 1917.9 dollars if it breaks the all time high? How long or how short? When all these monies of the world is slushed into the stock market, there is a higher risk for money being pooled into assets that can threaten the most advanced mass holding among humans; housing. Will commercial real estate take its biggest hit in history before 2020 ends? Or will we see a boom? What will happen? Do you have insight that you’d like to share? Do you have a hunch or a theory?
In response to the real estate question, I have been wondering that myself a lot. I made my first 100k off of my first home and reinvested that into my current home. I am really hoping that investment is somewhat safe. I honestly don't know what's going to happen NeXT, but I definitely think we will see things radically change in terms of investments and what will be good vs. bad in the investment world.
vegardwikeby replied:
Much more feels like speculation instead of investments these last few years and I can’t make up my mind what will end up after this aftermath.
nenicloud replied:
me either. I do not have any background in investing other than the couple houses my wife and I flipped and some very small bitcoin investments. I have followed some trends and have done some research, but it seems like there are few investments that are very predictable other than things like gold/silver. And I do not know enough about that to make a good decision on if I should wait to invest in those kinda of things or not.