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Right now everything on Powping is public. I think more users can be attracted to Powping if there are also private channels/groups, that is channels/groups where only members of the channel/group can view the content.
I second this. Would be awesome if one could create invite only channels.
"1. FREE, OPEN, PUBLIC We are an open community for everyone, not an exclusive group. Every interaction and every message on the site is open and public. And every action is FREE (except for when you want to tip). You DO NOT need Bitcoin to get started. The entire world is invited. Bring your "normal friends" to the party!"
bitcoinsteffen replied:
We will still be an open community for everyone even if private channels/groups are added as an option for those who want private channels/groups. We also have private messaging. I can send you a private message. Does the private messaging feature mean the community is not open for everyone, in your opinion?
thacypha replied:
"We are an open community for everyone, not an exclusive group" FREE, OPEN PUBLIC. Can you not understand what you read?
bitcoinsteffen replied:
Maybe not. Can you explain it in a different manner?