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What can Bitcoin learn from DeFi?
bitcoinrealist tipped:
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1 year ago
narratives are very important if you want to get that juicy dumb money
C-level names that you shouldn't hire.
bitcoinrealist replied:
I agree. But in theory surely some of them have built something that is innovative but were misguided in building on a non-scalable platform like ETH.
marsface replied:
The ideas are not innovative. It is more of the same but "decentralized".
In the DEFI space it seems that oracle systems like LINK seems to be doing better than on chain systems like WeatherSV. Perhaps this is short term but connecting LINK to the South Korean financial system worth 3 Trillion seems like it is getting traction.
I think USDC is the most innovative thing that has come from the non-Bitcoin community. At least that provides a legitimate onramp/offramp from fiat. But I really do want an honest answer to your question as well because all I see so far is scams.
The real question should be whether or not they have actually done anything innovative that will be valuable to society? Or are they simply creating hype to separate fools from their money as I suspect.
Not a lot. How clever could they be when they build on foundations that do not fundamentally scale?
Passively gaining value from network effect is not as attractive to normies as seeing small numbers trickle into their balance.
积木效应 app模块相互嵌入,存储,私信,身份等
Don t do crap in health, finance - any high risk industry, regulated for a reason. Inform you before u start, get legal advice and than u might do sth in the regulated frame given for all players.