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Something to think about: if my laptop was hacked like many suggested... why only 8 bsv from electrum disappeared and not much bigger asset that was on the same computer? Why not hacking my exchange, my ethereum, my polka, tezos.. my bank ? Why taking only 8 stupid bsv and not something worth 50x more? Was the hacker an idiot? Was the hacker a maximalist? No, it is easy. The answer is my laptop was super fine. The electrum sv shit wallet was hacked and the spam message and deposits are also part of the proof. I chose the wrong wallet, I should have sent to money button wallet which was always login on the same computer but never hacked... even if easy to click and send... this hacker must have been a wallet maximalist as well lol.
erik tipped:
Easy to accuse based on questionable logic. Hard is to investigate and find the truth. So far all you have provided are thoughts, sad. Why don't you tell us what you have done so far to find the truth?
framore replied:
I reported everything to electrumsv. They cannot do anything but it seems I m not the only one who lost coins with this wallet lately
check your router logs if you have them rude guy
I took one look at electrum sv website, and immediately knew not to download that wallet. Look at the screenshot in their homepage. Does that look like a cutting edge wallet? It looks more like something from the 90s. Sorry you lost 8 BSV.
framore replied:
Yes it is a shame bitcoin association promotes that
next time use kleopatra to verify the download.
You can: - Make a theory for yourself - Investigate and find the truth
framore replied:
Even if I tell you that the signature of the wallet is correct nothing will change. The wallet devs won't believe and won't pay back. It is just a wild west world this bitcoin. Imagine if you loose a lot of money... crazy!!!!
pete replied:
You should send the developers evidence that proves without any doubt that the software has a bug which caused your funds to be misplaced or even stolen.
Because BSV is the only coin with real value. It is the only usable, scalable bitcoin. All other are shitcoins.
framore replied:
Yes dream dream. Keep telling you dreams.
uniqueusername replied:
No, really. Ask yourself why someone stole your BSV and not the shitty ETH?
framore replied:
Because they hacked the bsv wallet. If shitty eth like you like to call is worthy 50x it is not so shitty.