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A flea decided to move with his family into the ear of an elephant. So he shouted, “Mr. Elephant, sir, my family and I plan to move into your ear. I think it only fair to give you a week to think the matter over and let me know if you have any objection.” The elephant, who was not even aware of the existence of the flea went his placid way so, after conscientiously waiting for a week, the flea assumed the elephant’s consent and moved in. A month later Mrs. Flea decided the elephant’s ear was not a healthy place to live in and urged her husband to month at least so as not to hurt the elephant’s feelings moth at least so as not to hurt the elephant’s feelings. Finally, he put it as tactfully as he could: “Mr. Elephant, sir we plan to move to other quarters. This has nothing at all to do with you, of course, because your ear is spacious and warm. It is just that my wife would rather live next door to her friends at the buffalo’s foot. If you have any objection to our moving, do let me know in the course of the next week.” The elephant said nothing, so the flea changed residence with a clear conscience. The universe is not aware of your existence.’ Relax! 🙂