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Libs, this is a wonderful product This isn't particularly exciting or impressive but I used the Bitpost RSS feed to build a custom Gatsby blog. I've been playing around with JAMstack lately, and I'm strongly considering Bitpost as an alternative to something like Netlify CMS or Strapi. I think some clients would be really excited about it. I have a feature request: slug support. Being able to define a slug would add a lot of consistency to the views. I'd like to be able to retrieve slugs through the RSS feed. I could assign a slug downstream but I'm not thrilled about that because I think it could lead to inconsistency. It looks like title URL's are currently generated using some sort of slugify process, plus appending a Ref code. In the absence of custom slugs, just having the option to export that slug (minus the accompanying URL) would be wonderful. I also have two more data modularity requests: I'd love to see JSON exports and I'd love to see raw bitquery exports. My crazy future pipe dream feature request would be for this to become integrated into a full featured CMS, with different data types and crazy stuff like that. There is a whole industry of SaaS JAMstack CMS products which you could wipe out with one fell swoop. They're also all pretty terrible and cumbersome and proprietary. Monthly hosting costs are also a bummer, when all you really want is a simple CMS portal.
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Had to look up slug, and should problably look up CMS too but I'll let YOU make the money on that one@gendale ! https://www.slictionary.com/testit/slug/38a575455b73c0ec1fdf34666305b427f099cc957d3305d59e5d140c920e1b60
Thank you 🙏 Thats awesome that you've used the RSS feed to generate a site. I haven't even revealed the RSS feeds exist yet (although I guess the orange button is a giveaway) So it sounds like you want to customise slugs and export them somehow? Right now the slugs are derived from the title. If you change the title the slug changes too. But because the ref at the end is used to identify the post, you'll always get redirected to the current url. Eg: https://www.bitpost.app/u/gendale/foobar-7CsDQxQ I did already consider allowing the slugs to be customised. Its not there yet but this may well make it in in the future. For now you can access the slug from the RSS by extracting it from the <link> element. I will also expose different ways of exposing the data to users too. Currently supports RSS and Bitfeed, but I'll keep experimenting. I may well add a JSON format compatible with TXT as the internal storage is very similar to TXT. This would expose your slug. I definitely do want to improve the CMS side of things - particularly at the moment the way media is handled in the editor. And you can expect more tricks from the paywall. But also want to keep it simple so no plans to go down the path of custom fields and custom types as of yet.
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