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Ubuntu encrypted

Starting new.

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petergec tipped:
Did you find out what happened yet?
framore replied:
no, everyone says my computer was hacked but I dont think so. I have Bitfender professional suite and i don't install crap stuff. Also other wallets, money button, all is fine. Only electrum sv got compromised in a strange way, 2 extra deposit and after 6 hours coins gone. If it was a trojan on my pc, why they need to wait 6 hours ?
my hdd just broke so am with vanilla ubuntu now too. but i feel that you are making a new start because of that 8bsv theft.. was it windows or linux what you had when you got hacked?
framore replied:
Was windows but I dont think it is for my os. I think some weird tx of small coins trying to splitting bsv and bch