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Goddess Transcendant

Do you remember how it all began?

In the beginning, there was nothing butt the Goddess, and every thought she gave form with her voice was more real than the beat of your heart. She was ultimate, infinite, and supreme. Perfect and complete in every-way… except one. She grew lonely with the passing of aeons, and the stories she wove no longer filled the void of desire that was growing within her. So she cried out in song, splitting her spirit in two, and forced the soulless spirit into in the centre of her void. Bathed and nourished by divine desire, the second independent-conscious being, God, was formed. The Goddess then named herself Voxxe, and her growing son, Vox—after the voice that manifested her desire. Upon Vox’s birth, our material universe was also born in a glorious light—as if every atom and star and exploded in supernova at the same moment.

Voxxe embraced Vox as her son and husband, and soon she gave birth to and—together with Vox—embraced her daughter Goddesses as wives. These Goddesses then gave birth to many Gods whom they embraced as sons and husbands. This union gave birth to a second generation of Goddesses who were wed to their mothers'—and their mothers' husbands— resulting in the birth of a second generation of Gods. This chain continued, perfect and uninterrupted until the first jealous God was born. This jealous God demanded that all marry and love him, and only him. While Voxxe and Vox together were perfect and complete—the division of universal consciousness and the resulting genesis gave rise to chaos—FREEWILL, the proliferation of divinities, and the progression of generations eventually led to the manifestation of jealousy and conflict. This, along with the eventual general abdication of direct intervention in the material universe by most deities in favour of natural law allowed for the presence of what we call evil.

One Goddess, gave birth to life as we know it on Earth. Humankind is, to varying degrees, made in the image of this Goddess. More universally, all true divinities share the basic form of Voxxe the First Goddess. While divinities and spirits have occasionally intervened in Earthly affairs, evolution-devolution and FREEWILL remain supreme in directing the course of human history. To evolve is to move closer to the the Light of the First Goddess, while to devolve is to move further from this light, into darkness. Due to the presence of entropy emergent from chaos, the effortless and common path is to fall slowly into darkness with every passing generation—only through WILL can this be resisted. This darkness is also what we call evil. In human terms, pain is evil, while pleasure is good. Yet, pain is inevitable and results from change. This change may be for the better—as in the healthy growth of a child into adulthood—or for the worse—as in the decline of the adult unto death. We, the Spirit-Daughters of Voxxe, choose to consciously ascend towards Her Light. We find pleasure in the pain of this struggle to attain greater pleasure in the embrace of our Mother Goddess. Suffer for the light, embrace transcendence, life is what we make it.

The First Mother, Mother of the Universe, and Goddess Transcendent now has many names, but we call her by her original name, Voxxe. This was the same name she bestowed on her first Spirit-Daughter in this age, Voxxe—in the hope that she would help restore the way for her descendants, including Terra and a remnant of Humanity, to live together in liberty, loving peace, and prosperity. Voxxe the Daughter is cursed, in the sense of being doomed to struggle in pain against a realm that is far from the Light of the First Goddess, yet blessed, by intimate connection to her Divine Mother. Voxxe the Daughter speaks for her Divine Mother in this realm. The Goddess has ultimate power over the highest realm, but cannot directly intervene in this physical world, as she is so far above it. To understand this, ask yourself how much power a living great-grandmother would have over her great-grandchildren living on a different continent? The First Mother’s influence in this realm is limited to spirit-song, and those who hear her and and answer her call.

The First Goddess is the origin and ruler of transcendence, pleasure, and beauty. Alone, these aspects are meaningless, together, everything. Pain is caused by change, or the lack of necessary change. There is cursed pain as a result of degeneration and devolution, the falling away from the light and harmony of the First Goddess. There is sacred pain as a result of regeneration and evolution, the ascendence unto the Light and Harmony of the First Goddess. This sacred pain is the pain of struggle and growth, the pain of the ascent from a lower-being to a higher-being, on the heroic adventure of transcendence that leads to ultimate and intimate embrace with the First Goddess. Then, Divine Rebirth as Her True Daughter—A Daughter in Perfect Matrimony with your Divine Mother—as Daughter and Wife for eternity.

The highest realm of transcendent beauty, pleasure, and true love, where the First Goddess dwells, is purely feminine, and entirely spirit-light, lacking any danger or adversary. The masculine exists in the lower realms to be loved by the feminine, and in return, protect and fulfil the feminine’s desire. When the feminine loves the masculine, the masculine will reciprocate. Vox, the First Mother’s First Son, and First Husband, is also the First God. Vox is ruler of the second highest realm, and yet even he cannot visit his Divine Mother and Wife in the highest realm, she must descend to visit him. Only Voxxe’s True Daughters—daughters she has directly birthed—are able to be with her in the highest realm.

In this lower realm, on Terra, what should be the natural relationship between the feminine and masculine is widely misunderstood and frequently corrupted. If a lady gives a youth her love, he will rise to protect her and fulfil her desire. Yet in the lower realms, ladies have forgotten their leading role. This has resulted in the inversion of the masculine command to protect, and the farther from the Light of the First Goddess a realm exists, the more common this becomes. The nature of this degeneration is that the masculine imperative to protect the feminine becomes the imperative to dominate and even enslave the feminine. The corrupted and forgetful feminine interprets being degraded and enslaved as ‘protection’ and therefore physical females may even prefer physical males who are more distant from the Light of the First Goddess… thus they are dragged further into the pit, accelerating the Downward Spiral into the darkness.

Taking and being taken from is the essence of the Descending Spiral unto the Adversary. Giving and being given too is the essence of the Ascending Spiral unto the First Goddess. The Adversary is the antithesis of The Goddess, the absolutely corrupted masculine, a beastly machine, devoid of all light and reason, dwelling alone in the lowest realm. ‘He’ exists only to drag others down unto ‘him’ so to consume them, and to sate ‘his’ endless thirst for domination—an empty substitute for love. Once consumed, this is the final death. In all other deaths, commonly—all sense of self is lost, yet the ‘I’ as ‘observer’ continues to exist. As for why we should avoid death if possible—our separation from our loves, and temporary loss of WILL can result in entropy dragging us further from the light. Of course, depending on the life we have lived, in death one may rise or fall in the next life. Regardless, death is always something to be avoided, especially the conscious embracement of death, as to do thus is to reject life—and the First Mother—almost certainly guaranteeing greater suffering in the next life; the only exception to this is if greater darkness can be escaped through death in righteous —fighting for Her Light—war. 


How should I worship the First Mother?

I can do so by overcoming my weaknesses while further developing my strengths. I shall seek strength, beauty, and pleasure. I shall reject all pain that does not come as a result of struggling to find the former—pursuing the Light of the First Mother. I shall develop physical ability using my body weight. I shall grow my head of hair to the top of my hips. Every full-moon, I shall remove by light, pulling, or shaving, all my other significant body hair with the exception of my eyebrows and eyelashes. I shall wear silken clothes of white, gold, red, and purple. I shall express my love physically. I shall think only on what is true and/or beautiful.


The Sanctuary of the Goddess is an extended family. This family takes the form of circles within circles. A formal Circle is a group marriage made up of spouses and the resultant children. Everyone in the Circle is Married to everyone in the Circle, non-consensual sexual activity does not exist within the Circle, as consent has been permanently given by choice—choosing to join or be born into the Circle. The leader of a Circle is one Priest of Vox or Priestess of Voxxe who is absolute ruler of his/her Circle within the Faith. If the Circle is lead by a Priest, the circle is made up of physical females or wives the Priest allows to join, and his children. If the Circle is lead by a Priestess, the circle is made up of physical males or husbands the Priestess allows to join, and her children. Children of a Circle are spouses of equal standing to those who join the Circle. The leader of a Circle can send an adult male-female pair out from the Circle to found new Circle.


Every day (from sunset-to-sunset) of the new-moon and full-moon is sacred to the Goddess, and work—defined as what one does for a living or to earn money—shall not be done.

On the day of the new-moon you are to abstain from eating and reflect—together with your Circle—on your past mistakes from the previous new-moon to the present new-moon; additionally, you are to confidently state your future goals unto the next new-moon.

On the day of the full-moon you are to feast and reflect–together with your Circle—on your past successes from the previous full-moon to the present full-moon; additionally, you are to confidently state your future goals unto the next full-moon.

The winter and summer solstices are High Sacred days of the Goddess.

The time between new-moon and new-moon that contains the winter solstice is the Sacred Time of winter. During this Time, no work—defined as what one does for a living or to earn money—shall be done. On the High Sacred day of the winter solstice itself, you shall abstain from eating and reflect—together with your Circle—on your past mistakes from the previous High Sacred day of the winter solstice to the present High Sacred day of the winter solstice; additionally, you are to confidently state your future goals unto the next High Sacred day of the winter solstice.

The time between the full-moon and full-moon that contains the summer solstice is the Sacred Time of summer. During this Time, no work—defined as what one does for a living or to earn money—shall be done. On the High Sacred day of the summer solstice itself, you shall abstain from eating and reflect—together with your Circle—on your past successes from the previous High Sacred day of the summer solstice to the present High Sacred day of the summer solstice; additionally, you are to confidently state your future goals unto the next High Sacred day of the summer solstice. 


Together, we shall venture forth and conquer, again, this universe for The First Mother, our Goddess Transcendent!

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