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How do we import an existing erc20 project to be on the bitcoin blockchain? Is there a system in place yet to help with this?
pete tipped:
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1 year ago
Hello RelayX for the Web— Bitcoin SV’s first token web wallet and browser | by RelayX | Oct, 2020 | Medium https://medium.com/@relayx/hello-relayx-for-the-web-bitcoin-svs-first-token-web-wallet-and-browser-446ca8fe0c92
ERC20 was a thing because the investors wanted to make money from speculation. But all that's gone now because of regulation, which means it won't work even if you bring ERC20 to BSV. I doubt any speculative token will take off on BSV because they're illegal.
rloadd replied:
We must not confuse ERC20 which is an interface convention to create interoperable objects, with the fake projects that used tokenization as a claim. If BSV is going to have markets for tokens, wallets that handle them and DEX we have to sit down and define standard token interfaces.