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Anthony de Mello

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There was once a scientist who discovered the art of reproducing himself so perfectly that it was impossible to tell the reproduction from the original. One day he learnt that the Angel of Death was searching for him so he produced a dozen copies of himself. The Angel was at a loss to know which of the thirteen specimens before him was the scientist, so he left them all alone and returned to heaven. But not for long, for, being an expert in human nature, the angel came up with a clever device. He said. “Sir, you must be a genius to have succeeded in making such perfect reproductions of yourself. However, I have discovered a flaw in your work, just one tiny little flaw.” The scientist immediately jumped out and shouted. “Impossible. Where is the flaw?” “Right here,” said the angel, as he picked up the scientist from among the reproductions and carried him off. 🙂
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1 month ago
The flaw of vanity, meethinks... always gives itself away!
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Nice one!
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