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Paymail integration completed on Peergame. You can now directly send BSV to Peergame's Paymail address to play Bitto, Ladder, and Turtle Race. Winning payouts are instantly sent to your Paymail address. Please note that Money Button is the only wallet with this feature at the moment. Please be aware: Only one bet can be made per transaction. Sending multiple bets in one transaction will not be counted as wagers. Peergame's Paymail addresses: game.bitto.multi@paymail.peergame.com game.bitto.single@paymail.peergame.com game.ladder.left@paymail.peergame.com game.ladder.right@paymail.peergame.com game.turtle.blue@paymail.peergame.com game.turtle.red@paymail.peergame.com game.turtle.yellow@paymail.peergame.com
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