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If this is hard to fix OR easy to do (attack the network) doesn’t that mean a constant problem going forward?
thacypha replied:
"Some people falsely think that the amount of hash rate is a security feature in itself. The error here stems from believing that you can never catch up from behind. Such thinking is limited, and misses the exponential nature of computational growth. The amount of computation per dollar of electricity increases exponentially, doubling every 18 months in normal computer systems. In systems such as Bitcoin, that are going through a rapid development phase, growth happens even faster. To give an example, the entire hash rate expressed over the life of Bitcoin from its substantiation until the end of 2017 (a period of eight years) could be recreated by a rogue miner with 50% of the current Bitcoin hash rate in only a matter of weeks. It is worse when you consider that the amount of potential hash rate available on the network right now more than triples the current Bitcoin hash rate. With advances beyond Moore’s law, Bitcoin is doubling close to every 12 months in power and capacity. When it comes to price, the total BTC network has remained static for a period of close to 5 to 6 months. Yet, in the same time, computational power based on hashing alone has increased significantly." https://craigwright.net/blog/economics/nodes-hash-rate-signalling/
thacypha replied:
You do realize nowhere in this article do they state 51% attack "block re-organisation attack" but please follow core coin lies