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1 Craig Wright (Unofficial Chat)

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Maybe you would like to have a full list of Craig Wright public videos in chronological order, here you are!!!! Any idea or suggestions are welcome!!! https://ramonquesada.com/english/craig-wright-videos/
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do you have a copy of the spreadsheet? as I wanted to cross compare to my log too and can add in links? Thanks
ramonquesada replied:
yes I have a copy, but here anything can be add, if you send me an email, maybe you can see it https://drive.google.com/file/d/1uGsHjRsiS9SPMsl3OZHRHek7-MM58drJ/view?usp=sharing
Nice work again, Ramon. My guestimate was spot on! There are about 200 videos so far.
ramonquesada replied:
Yes you were very close!!!!
ramonquesada replied:
Thanks so much Kenshishido!!!
kenshishido replied:
hey yeah, haha. I really respect your work and dedication as a Craig Wright Researcher!
ramonquesada replied:
Wow, what a great job! Thank you!
glauce replied:
Added web link and post to our Telegram group
ramonquesada replied:
Great glauce!!! Thanks for all your work!!! BitCoin SV is changing everything and we're here to make it happen!!!