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https://whatsonchain.com/tx/df0293d15592cf2368e1ee8c8be50760c1bbb1b0ae0b656f8af13bd6d08e94d3 Took away this 9999 sat. I will send you extra 50cents if you tell us how you did that. This is just a test, more on-chain puzzles and bonuses are coming soon.
Now it is too much trouble to get gold coins from any lock script. I want to write a web page to simplify this process. It will be very convenient if can be added to the explorer.
Haha, awesome!
"00E097B2AF23844302 OP_2 OP_DIV OP_2" The puzzle is "give me A and B such that A*B=00E097B2AF23844302 but with A!=1 and B!=1". So I tried to divide myself 00E097B2AF23844302 but letting the unlocking script doing the division is ok too I guess.
venezia replied:
Only the data opush opcodes are allowed in unlocking script after genesis updated AFAIK.
venezia replied:
covid replied:
Oh ok didn't know that thanks ! I was using scrypt.studio and my unlocking script worked there. So "00f04bd9d711c22101 OP_2" should be enough to spend the UTXO (works on scrypt.studio), will try tomorow.
venezia replied:
At first I used two large prime numbers to multiply, but because I used Number instead of BigInt in the javascript code, the number I got was wrong. Thank you for helping me find this bug.