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Giving the government and elites permanent unlimited access to your body—with no right to knowledge of what is being done nor serious recourse—is the solution! The government and elites always know best and have your best interests at heart! ... Just imagine, a large percent of the population actually believes this. They demand that everyone become slaves, with no ownership even over their own bodies, nor understanding of what is done to them, all in the name of perceived safety (a narrative constructed by the financial elite that controls the media)... and so it goes, respond to, or create fear, and offer tyranny as the solution. This is the mod-us-operandi of the Synagogue of Satan (S0S) that wants to make all humans slaves. Or worse than slaves, livestock. Resist!
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1 year ago
悪い側面(EVIL)より良い側面も見ましょうよ SEE NO EVILでブライタ-サイドも。昨日のニュースで 食料支援に平和賞贈られたとか。ゴイにも肉体的精神的 限界はあるので。その先で起こるべきブライタ-サイド についてイマジンしてゆきましょう。